Regener8 Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy Crème


REGNERcombines several active ingredients of plant based stem cells, peptides and anti-oxidants.  Rich with epigenetic factors and metabolites that will help to maintain the regenerative potential of human skin stem cells.  REGENER8 responds to aging, chemical stress and UV damage by altering metabolic pathways.  This is a top anti-aging product that will also reverse major signs of skin aging.

0.65 oz. Jar

Proudly made in America



This amazing anti-aging crème will glide onto your face leaving it silky smooth and hydrated.  Technology has come a long way to deliver us such a great anti-aging formula that can be dubbed “futuristic in its benefits”.  Our Stem Cell Creme is critical to preserve the niche environment to maintain a population of the epidermal stem cells and to protect them from exhaustion under stress conditions, which could lead to premature skin aging.  Survixyl IS is a complete breakthrough in anti-aging as it helps preserve the niche environment of stem cells and optimizes epidermal self-rejuvenation.  Plant C-Stem inhibits the synthesis of the key inflammation mediators and increases the production of extracellular matrix components. It also stabilizes the collagen fiber matrix and improves communication between cells and extracellular matrix so that the survival of the individual cells is improved.  Active Ingredients: Pentapeptide-31Survixyl IS, Plant C-Stem


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